About birthdays and pianos

Hey guys!

Surprise, two posts in one week. Now, who is in a Christmas mood, too? Anyways since it was my birthday a few days ago here is an update from my life which may not be that boring after all.  

First of all, I didn’t do much on my actual birthday because I was in school most of the time. However, my mom still gave me some really cool gifts in the morning such as a new sweater and three of my favourite mugs. In the evening the cousin of my mother who lives downstairs got me my first own easel that I can take wherever I want! I am so happy to finally have an easel, but unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to start a new painting, yet. Will do soon! Apart from that, I spent Friday with my girlfriend to celebrate and it was amazing. She got me a beautiful necklace and bracelet, with a wonderful meaning behind it. She even wrote me a poem and I almost cried. Yesterday I celebrated with my grandparents and it was so nice. We went out to eat and it was really funny. I even got some new art books I can study with.

Now what about pianos, you may ask

Well, just today I decided to try playing the piano more since I got a new one in February. It was really fun and I found a great youtube channel that helped me a lot. Now I can play the first minute of Für Elise, but I had to take a break to let my hands rest a bit. I want to try to practise the piano a bit every time I come home from school to unwind my mind before studying. Wish me luck with that.

Anyways I hope you had an amazing week and if you’d like, tell me about it in the comments! Looking forward to reading your messages. With Love,



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  1. I, too, spent my Friday with my girlfriend and, because it was our 7 months anniversary, she had made me a painting of my favourite character in my favourite show and it looked so amazing, I squeaked and jumped excitedly like a little child! I love her so much and she makes every single one of my days better

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